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            Equip students with scientific skills

            We work directly with students and their teachers to enhance STEM learning,
            build critical skills and mindsets and prepare future leaders for STEM careers.

            Our partners and programs include:

            Science News in High Schools

            Regeneron supports Society for Science & the Public in providing Science News magazine subscriptions, online access, and educational teaching resources to 3,000 high schools across the country.

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            High School Research Teachers Conference

            Each fall, Regeneron?and the?Society for Science & the Public bring?200 research teachers, of all experience levels, on an all-expense paid trip?to Washington, D.C. to share best practices?and?troubleshoot challenges they face in supporting students in independent science research.

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            STEM Teaching Fellowship

            Regeneron has partnered with the STEM Leadership Center to offer a competitive 16-month fellowship opportunity for local science educators in New York State. Operating since 2013, the fellowships offer STEM teaching preparation and professional development, including graduate coursework and a two-week lab mentorship at Regeneron. At the end of the fellowship, participants earn a STEM Leadership Certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University and NASA Endeavor as well as a Certificate of Completion from Regeneron.

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